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Downloaded all 3 seasons of Penn & Teller's Bullshit...

These guys are geniuses, this show should keep me occupied for some time.

Other then that this night sucked, a lot, didn't get to peterborough, grandfather had to be taken to the hospital, he's ok but that was scary for a while. He got into a fistfight with the man in the bathroom... again(aka he punched the mirror and smashed it)... *shakes head* we're not sure what we're going to do with him anymore, it's getting... extremely bad, at most moments in the day he puts his jacket on and insists he needs to go home. we're all looking into homes and more medicaton and yeah... it's a pretty bleak situation.

So most of the night I was running the show, via my cell phone, and Elliot from Beneath The Massacre, lol worked suprisingly well, apparently there was an INSANE turnout as well.

This whole weekend's been kinda fun actually, running 2 shows while recovering from the flu, sitting at the door with a glass of flat gingerale(which seriously... no more ginger ale, it's all I "ate" for 3 days) haha... so much fun. Thursday there was 110 people in a room that holds 80, ran better then I expected given it was 5 bands and no gear sharing, and... shit in typing this I remember I forgot to pick up the new Beneath The Massacre, have to do that on the 9th. all the bands destroyed, I was even impressed with how much Bodybreak has improved since seeing them that first time at the vatikan WAY back, BTM were incredible their new stuff caried over live, shame we won't see them around here after March for like... 4-5 months(they'll be down in the states). Creep Colony were on FIRE that night though, and Malignity, Eero fits that band really well, hopefully they keep him in the band.

Friday was our first show back at the newly reopenned metal bar. I'm slowly moving back into the frame of mind that this is our home, as it just feels like it, it was nice to be back ether way, although eventually once I had made enough money at the door to pay everyone off I just stopped doing it as I was sick, tired, and starting to get... weirdly antsy about pacing around in that doorway for all those hours. I love it when you can book a band that you deem has potential and then they just go beyond that, Stalingrad are this relatively unknown Toronto band that played first on Friday night, found them through Myspace a couple months ago, and just they sound great on there, so give em a chance right?, not even sure what to call them stylistically... kinda blackened thrash I guess, really energetic, deffinately be working with them again, they also brought out a whole bunch of people I"ve never seen at ANY shows in Toronto before, so that was kinda cool.

Morterra, well need to get them in front of a large group of metal folk in this city and they'll be able to do a LOT of damage, it'll be fun, scary amount of potential there, but they've yet to have a fitting toronto experience, shame really. but... not like we'll stop trying. Grand Marais are my boys, always a pleasure to see them and work with them, musically they're easily one of the better live bands in southern ontario and what I like about them is while they are a little on the lighter side(sometimes), they actually request to be booked alongside metal bands, energy wise they can keep up with any metal band I've ever seen, so why not, they gained a few extra fans this night I think.

Hadn't seen Redeemer live... wow, March of last year?, mabye(since I missed Burn To Black's cd release, and virutally every other one of their gigs), course I won't miss them much more given the amount of time I have them booked in the coming months :D, they're a great band, and great people, and their new stuff just... kills, seemed to have nothing but praise for the metal bar as well which is awesome, I'm sure they'll play there a bunch more times more sooner then later.

As for shows... waiting on way too many things, too many projects, basically everything is kind of at a standstill which at the moment I'm enjoying(I mean in the nothing much left to announce, or on the schedules), there's a few that will suprise people, others will just outright floor them, I stopped resisting getting dragged up the ladder, pretty much letting things go where they will... it will be one very interesting year.
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