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NoC's History Of Events:

-2005- (20)

April 23rd @ Trinport: Will Of The Ancients, Burn To Black, Warmachine, SKNS
May 13th @ Trinport: Deamon, Disgust, Eschatus, Sentient, Hassassin
May 20th @ Trinport: Horde Of Worms
June 2nd @ The Vatikan: Gangway, Wake, & Mouthpiece
June 11th @ Trinport: Heaven Ablaze, Chaos Machine, Will Of The Ancients, Quietus
June 23rd @ The Vatikan: Threat Signal, I Hate Sally, Man With Target
June 24th: @ Trinport: The Hollow, Stye, &, Wake
July 15th: @ Trinport: SKNS, Chaos Machine, &, Adytum
July 18th: @ Trinport: Distant Society, Brothers of The Gutter, Farenheit
August 4th @ The Vatikan: Stye, The Blood Theory, Rehab For Quitters
August 18th @ The Vatikan: Throne Apart, Archaeon, Threat Signal, MDM, Nanochrist
August 25, 26th, 27th: Tr00 North Metal Festival @ The Vatikan - 3 days of metal headlined by Martyr & Augury
September 29th @ The Dungeon: Evirus, Skeletonwitch, Rammer, Usurper
October 1st @ The Kathedral: Remain, Chaos Machine, Skeletonwitch, Rammer, Usurper
October 8th @ Trinport: Betrayer, Beyond Within, Dissident Saint
November 5th @ Trinport: Nefastus Dies, Visions Of The Night, Eradication, Pandamonium
December 2nd @ Trinport: Dead To Rights & Evirus
December 17th @ Trinport: Black Christmas - Woods Of Ypres, Vanquished, Empyrean Plague, Fleshcraft, Pandamonium

-2006- (48)
January 28th @ Trinport: Elevator 22, Adytum, Execute Damage, Morterra, Bathed In Blood
Feb 20th @ El Mocambo: Grand Marais, Hell Marys, The Jet Trio, & The Rook
March 6th @ El Mocambo: Rise For Order, 40 Sons And Daughters, Tried In Vain, Saved By Sin
March 11th @ Trinport: Diablo Red, Redeemer, Angerkain, Triton
March 13th @ El Mocambo: Morterra, Deathmarch, Execute Damage, Eradication
March 17th @ Adam's Sports Bar: Dropnote, Execute Damage, Hellmarys
March 25th @ Trinport: Heaven Ablaze, Beyond Within, Adytum, Maniac, Intensify
March 27th @ El Mocambo: Logan 5, 40 Sons And Daughters, My Terminal Ritual
April 10th @ El Mocambo: Burn To Black, Senate, Threat Signal, The Rook
April 21st @ Trinport: Nitemare, Will Of The Ancients, Remain, Maniac, Heaps Of Dead
April 22nd @ Adam's Sports Bar: Heavily Medicated, Zeroscape, Tried In Vain, The Womb, Cylidian
May 12th @ Adam's Sports Bar: Chaos Machine, Deterrence, A-Struct, Nexus, Death Remains, Burn Moscow
May 26th @ Trinport: Morterra, Bathed In Blood, Dear Black Diary, Sever The Nile, Chaos Within, Sentient, Creep Colony
May 27th @ The Embassy Hotel: Unever, Threat Signal, OFaolain, The Rook, Final Plague
June 4th @ Holy Joes: Treestar, Distant Society, The Blood Theory, Rise For Order
June 5th @ El Mocambo: Electro-Quarterstaff, The Rook, Closed Casket Funeral, Starring Janet Leigh
June 9th @ Adam's Sports Bar: Warmachine, Adytum, Borealis, The Womb, Crimson Shadows
June 10th @ Adam's Sports Bar: Blaisedale, Dropnote, Deterrence, A Distance From...,
June 22nd @ The Embassy Hotel: Heaven Ablaze, Will Of The Ancients, Beyond Within, About To Snap, Revenge, Unever
June 23rd @ Adam's Sports Bar: Will Of The Ancients, Moonlyght, Beyond Within, Dead Of Winter, OFaolain,
June 24th @ Townehouse: Beyond Within, Moonlyght, Wolven Ancestry
June 30th @ Adam's Sports Bar: Diablo Red, The Womb, Johnschool Dropouts
July 1st @ Adam's Sports Bar: Dropnote, Execute Damage, Nexus, Crimson Shadows, Amarith
July 30th @ The Kathedral - Mankind Is Obsolete, Eye Butterfly, Scarlet Sins, Hunter Eves, Intervenom
August 5th @ 3rd Floor Reillys - Mortify & Creep Colony
August 7th @ Neutral - Intronaut & No Data
August 11th @ The Underdog - Disgust, Sparky, Punchdrunk, Devoured, Insolitary
August 12th @ The Underground - The D-Files, Disgust, Sparky, Beneath The Ashes
August 18th @ FunHaus - Diecast, Threat Signal, Endorphins, Endast, Dead To Rights, Burn Moscow
August 20th @ Smiling Buddha - Cryptic Stench, Through The Discipline, Beyond Within, Execute Damage,
August 25th @ 3rd Floor Reillys - Big Jeezus Truck, Redlight Rippers, Diablo Red, Salem Saints, D-Files
August 28th @ The Embassy - Heaven Ablaze, Threat Signal, Burn To Black, Savannah, Whitechapel
Sept 1st @ Smiling Buddha - Intervenom, Nanochrist, Bride Of The Monster, Modified
Sept 9th @ 3rd Floor Reillys - Martyr, Beneath The Massacre, Deamon, Sons Of Azrael, Starring Janet Leigh, Heaven Ablaze, Formalice, Malignity
Sept 17th @ 3rd Floor Reillys - Nefastus Dies, Starring Janet Leigh, Bride Of The Monster, Pandemonium
Sept 26th @ The Underground - Into Eternity, Warmachine, Will Of The Ancients, Heaven Ablaze, Nexus
Sept 30th @ The Underdog - Threat Signal, 3 Mile Scream, Will Of The Ancients, Rozea Haven, Life Goes On Without Me
Oct 1st @ 2nd Last Call - Threat Signal, Will Of The Ancients, 3 Miles Scream, Near Death Experience,
Oct 19th @ Absinthe - Nefastus Dies, Eclipse Eternal, Kronosfear, Rigorous Obliteration
Oct 20th @ The Embassy - Nefastus Dies, Heaven Ablaze, Foul Remains, Soul Less Divine, Moltar
Oct 21st @ The Metal Bar - CKLN Fundfest Fundraiser for SATAN TAKES A HOLIDAY w/ Piledriver & Hammered
Nov 25th @ The Bovine Sex Club - Breadfan, Grand Marais, Modified
Dec 2nd @ The Metal Bar - ASHES OF AUTUMN 3: Augury, Threat Signal, Profugus Mortis, Adytum
Dec 7th @ The Reverb - The Fully Down, Obsidian, Shotgun Rules, Modified
Dec 8th @ The Reverb - Idle Sons, Rides Again, Marianas Trench, Socialight
Dec 17th @ The Embassy - Soul Less Divine, Nefastus Dies, Starring Janet Leigh, Final Plague
Dec 29th @ The Embassy - Quo Vadis, Heaven Ablaze, Remain, Days Of Dishonor, Whitechapel

Coming soon...


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